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pk10网上投注:Refresh three views! A shares actually staged an extreme scene that could not be tolerated

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内容摘要: One side is Moutai's stock price and then forced the 800 mark, and the market value has reached the trillion club. The price-raising agenci...

One side is Moutai's stock price and then forced the 800 mark, and the market value has reached the trillion club. The price-raising agencies are celebrating with their “wine and spirit” and on the other side is the hot money once again “suffocating for the dream”, LeTV Dead but not stiff, strong closing plate late. Investors may wish to ask themselves: Whose risk is higher if they are chasing Moutai with 800 yuan and LeTV with 4 yuan on the bottom?

saying US stocks group of tech giants such as Amazon revelry, and assists Nasdaq index to new highs. While the A shares difficult to extricate themselves immersed in the "Chijiu Yao" atmosphere. Following Hengrui Medicine breakthrough 300 billion market capitalization, Wednesday Moutai after a lapse of several months to regain lost ground and fully share price to new highs, leading Hengqiang not been apparent from obvious!

on science and technology and rejuvenating the economic level in order that no one be in doubt, but why in the stock market mechanism chosen love alone "big spending", while turning a blind eye to a number of technology growth stocks, abandoned like Bilv it even once? Recalling the historical trend of the majority of the star technology stocks, mostly when the wind pigs fly overhead, and once receded outlet is often a feather, such examples are numerous. In other words, the sustainability of performance growth and the reasonableness of valuation are still the hurdles for the vast majority of small and medium-sized growth stocks. On the other hand, the performance of major consumer products is enough to prove that they can successfully withstand the economic cycle. Fluctuations and crossing bulls and bears.

Further, loose monetary policies in the past have resulted in small liquidity premiums for small and medium-sized companies. Now, in the context of financial deleveraging and credit crunch, financial deleveraging poses challenges to the performance of some growth companies. (Higher financing costs) Meanwhile, the overall valuation center of growth stocks will inevitably move downwards. This is a typical Davis double kill. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the organization will continue to hold large consumer segments. In particular, after A shares are included in MSCI, foreign capital has become the biggest driver behind this round of consumer spending.

Of course, what we talked about above is a discussion of medium and long-term trends. As for the short-term, yesterday's GEM Zhongyang line can be said to promptly resolve the decline of small and medium-sized companies in a row, so despite the large and negative indexes on the rise and fall, both maintained a narrow range of shocks on Wednesday, but some of the over-reduced varieties of the money effect is still Extensive.

Specifically, East Top 5 board a well-deserved day four of the new leader, and express logistics stocks led the collective strength, CHINAonline shares , rhyme shares and other stocks daily limit to follow suit; in addition, even pull 3 board PCCooler also led to a number of long-term collective shares oversold bounce, as new Fergus , Wanji Technology , ancient Ao Technology , nearly 10 stocks have daily limit; also worth mentioning is that, CDR and The unicorn-related favorable catalysts continue to spread, with some funds centered around Foxconn, Xiaomi, and other unicorn-related concepts. The stocks made a fuss, such as Jinghua Laser , Yuhuan CNC two boards and so on.

The structural rebound is taking place and the quantity of energy is continuing to shrink, so people can see that the index has a limited upside. Even if it does not rule out that the next half of the week will rise and fall. Not to mention the macro level, the Fed's interest rate window is gradually approaching, and the frequency and space for raising interest rates this time is still a question mark. The lack of confidence in the market's long-term stability has caused the index to maintain a wide-range oscillation at the bottom, and it has been difficult to get rid of the large box from 3,000 to 3,200 points. That being the case, for the short-term rebound we are still optimistic about the recommendations, do a good job in time band, do not over-aggressive chase.





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